Bigg Boss 9: Nora confronts Cool group, breaks down over vulgar comment

Nora breaks down at vulgar remarks passed for her by the inmates.

Bigg Boss 9: Nora confronts Cool group, breaks down over vulgar comment
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: The housemates woke upto 'Chor Bazari'.

Thereafter, we saw Priya getting mad at Prince and Rochelle as they were supposed to be part of the cooking team and were simply seen sitting and chit-chatting outside.

While Priya and Kishwer were helping Mandana in the kitchen.

This lead to a fight amongst the members of cool group. To which Priya walks out and smiles at Rishabh saying #CGC- Cool Group Cracked.

Later, we saw Rochelle taking bath at Priya's turn, which made the latter angry. Priya further taunts by saying Rochelle wanted to bathe with Keith.

Now this was a vulgar remark that made inmates mad at her, especially Prince warns Priya not to pass such cheap comments and to not get personal.

Followed by Priya telling Nora that the cool group members were commenting about Nora's sitting cross legged with Prince.

Now these remarks outraged Nora and she ends up confronting the cool group members and also asked everyone not to joke about a sensitive topic like that particularly.

Towards the end, we saw Bigg Boss giving the 'Jewel thief' task- where the Chor team comprises- Keith, Mandana, Nora and Rishabh.

Where as the Police team comprises- Rochelle, Prince, Kishwer and Priya. While Suyyash was the sanchalak.

In the respective task, diamonds were laid across the living area and bedroom, which the Chor team was required to steal and keep it in the secret room.

The chor team had to steal eight diamonds and place it there.

If the police were suspicious or catches someone red handed, then they had the authority to put them behind bars.

The jail was made in the garden area. 

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