Bigg Boss 9: Police team wins 'Jewel Thief Task'

Police team emerged victorious.

Bigg Boss 9: Police team wins 'Jewel Thief Task'
Image Courtesy- @BiggBoss

Mumbai: Day 80 starts with Suyyash and Prince discussing about Nora's feelings towards the latter.

Where Suyyash feels that after Nora's arrival in the Bigg Boss house, Prince has distanced himself and doesn't participate much in the household matters. Where as Prince somewhat contradicts and states that Nora will not be able to fake her feelings for too long, if she is faking and anyhow he won't let this affect his game.

Later early morning when everyone was asleep, we saw Prince changing the position of the diamonds which were laid in the living room area, so as to confuse the 'Chor' team. The housemates woke upto 'Romeo Naam Mera.. Chori hai Kaam Mera' song. Followed by Priya's strategy of putting coconut oil on the diamonds, so that it can slip when the chor team tries to steal it.

These actions were followed by Bigg Boss announcement to punish Prince and Priya for breaking task-related rules. We also found that Keith was agitated with Suyyash's behaviour as a sanchalak and further calls him partial towards the police team.

Thereafter, when Rishabh tries to escape from the jail, he got little aggressive and throws away Priya's shoes, even pushes her and in return Priya breaks the pot of water which was kept inside the prison. Even Keith played a smart strategy of annoying Rochelle and further stated that during the task he doesn't consider her as his girlfriend. Concurrently, in the bedroom area, Priya and Mandana were seen taunting each other. Where Mandana tagged her as a 'little mosquito' and Priya in turn called her a 'massive dragon'. At the end of the day, 'Police' team emerged victorious.

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