Bigg Boss 9: Priya Malik 'Airlifted' out of house by Akshay Kumar!

The housemates played role reversal, ‘Airlift’ star Akshay Kumar airlifted Priya Malik out of house!

Bigg Boss 9: Priya Malik 'Airlifted' out of house by Akshay Kumar!
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

New Delhi: The weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss Nau’ began with ‘Airlift’ stars Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur coming to promote their film in the house. Kumar played the game of rescue with the teammates. Later we saw Salman Khan discussing the whole week’s tasks and performance.

Arguments sparked between Mandana Karimi and Imam Siddique when the latter questioned Mandana’s upcoming movie.

Akshay popped the question to Salman about his marriage, and the two joked about it. Later the trio played the guessing game. Bigg Boss housemates were asked to play the game of role reversal in which Rochelle was chosen to be best looking by Nimrat.

Salman Khan introduces ‘Assignment Airlift’ towards the end of the show. Priya Malik who was the second finalist of the house got evicted in the unique style by Akshay Kumar!

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