Bigg Boss 9: Salman Khan was so right about Mandana—watch here!

We can see Kish talking to Priya, who is later joined by Rochelle and Suyyash. 

Bigg Boss 9: Salman Khan was so right about Mandana—watch here!
Pic Courtesy: TV show still

New Delhi: The baap of all reality shows—Bigg Boss is currently running in its ninth consecutive season, and the host Salman Khan has successfully anchored the show for six long years. His association has surely been more than just a host on the show. The superstar builds a direct relationship with the inmates and believes in setting their paths right.

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Salman last week took the case of Suyyash for his indecent behaviour with Mandana. And Suyyash did admit that he was sorry for hurting the latter. Salman even suggested the inmates that if Mandana seeks attention as per you guys, then why don't you ignore her—to which Kishwer had proudly nodded saying we have been doing it for two days.

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Now, this latest video released by Bigg Boss 9 official Twitter handle shows otherwise. We can see Kish talking to Priya, who is later joined by Rochelle and Suyyash. They are discussing Mandana for why she thinks a particular and how she is feeling that Priya is trying hard to get into the 'cool group'.

Now, this proves Salman's point—Mandana ko ignore karke toh dikhao. Guys you failed miserably this time!

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