Bigg Boss 9: Sporty Aman Verma goes bald for task!

Aman Verma shaved off his head for 'BB 9' task.

Bigg Boss 9: Sporty Aman Verma goes bald for task!
Pic Courtesy: TV show still

New Delhi: It is very important for an actor to look a certain way, especially when on national television. But, we must pat on actor Aman Verma's back for not caring much about how he looks and rather focussing on completing the task inside 'Bigg Boss' house.

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In last night's episode, the house was turned into a 'BB 9 hotel' where ex contestants also came as a guests and enjoyed the services offered by current inmates.

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When Ali Quli Mirza entered the house, the whole environment changed into a laugh riot. But then, Ali and ex contestant Sana Khan along with Mandana and Rishabh decided to give Aman a task of shaving off his head, which if he declined would be in favour of Mandand and Rishabh.

However, much to everyone's surprise Aman accepted the deal and very sportingly shaved off his head. Ali then said that for an actor it is a very big sacrifice. We certainly agree with you this time Ali. Hats off to you Aman!  

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