‘Bigg Boss’: ‘Bandar’ Sky clashes with ‘Jalebi Bai’ Shraddha

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The smartest kid on the block, Sky aka Akashdeep Sehgal is at his `full throttle`. He knows he is good at irritating people and he seems to derive some sort of sadistic pleasure out of the endeavour.

He once again clashed with `Jalebi Bai` Shraddha Sharma over a comment he made about her wanting to date him.

However, Shradha appears to finally have made up her mind to give it back in equal measure to those who cross her way.

A massively upset Shraddha accused Sky of hurting the sentiments of girls in the house. In a fit of rage she said, "Abe bandar jaa, apne bil main ghus... gadha kahin kaa...badtameez kahin kaa (You monkey go and hide in your hole.. you ill-mannered…, you donkey..)."

Sky also got enraged and threw off his microphone and asked for justice from Bigg Boss saying that Shraddha has badmouthed his mother and abused him, hence action should be taken against her.

At this juncture, Mahek asked Shraddha to apologise, which the girl from Madhya Pradesh did heed to but Sky being what he is, again poked her over her upbringing and the manners that have been tought to her.

Shraddha`s rage Part-II followed. She said, "Tumhari kya upbringing hai? tu kitna bada Gadha hai, tujhe nahin maloom... kitna pagal hain ye, pagal khane se aaya hai...pyscho problem hai (What about your upbringing? you don’t even know how big an idiot you are.. a big-time psychotic who has come from a lunatic asylum)."

After a while Bigg Boss did call Sky to the confession room and listened to his plea but did not give him any assurance about taking any clear action against Shraddha. Instead, Bigg Boss left it to him whether he wanted to stay in the house or not.

Bigg Boss` smart move stumped Sky, he went into discussing the matter with his buddies Sunny Leone and Juhi - both of them advised against his leaving the house, leading to Sky sheepishly forgetting his rage and saying that he will wait till Saturday to see, how do things work out in the house!

Shraddha was called by Bigg Boss for a chat where she was gently reminded that using slur against someone also puts a question mark on one`s own character.

Clearly, the housemates appear gearing up for a no holds fight to emerge as the `boss` of the house.

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