Bigg Boss: Day 10 – Mandana breaks rules, falls sick!

Zamindars Aman and Kishwar win the luxury budget task and are asked by Bigg Boss to break their Jodi. 

Bigg Boss: Day 10 – Mandana breaks rules, falls sick!
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: The chakki task continued even as the workers were dehydrated, down and out! They had been doing all possible things to save enough points by overworking.

Bigg Boss told Keith to tell his co-workers to be manipulative and shrewd while dealing with the Zamindars.

Aman and Kishwar decided to put all the coins in one matka to avoid robbery. While on the other hand, the workers hatched a plot to steal some coins.

Some opposed the move to steal the coins while the others agreed to opt for the tricky way.

What goes wrong?

Suyyash was against the idea of stealing coins.

Mandana chooses to give up, unchains herself from Keith.

Keith, Rochelle return the coins that were stolen.

Mandana removes her microphone, breaks rules.

In the confession room, Mandana told Bigg Boss that she doesn’t want to continue.

Mandana falls sick.

Rochelle felt bad for Mandana.


Aman and Kishwar (the zamindars) win the luxury budget task.

And as per the secret deal, Aman and Kishwar were asked to unchain themselves from each other.

Bigg Boss congratulates the workers team too for their dedication and hardwork.


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