Bigg Boss: Day 11 – Difference of opinion widens gap between inmates

The luxury budget task result uncovers the actual equation between the inmates.

Bigg Boss: Day 11 – Difference of opinion widens gap between inmates
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: Bigg Boss informed the housemates that Aman and Kishwar were clear winners of the luxury budget task. The workers’ team was also decided to unanimously name duo from their team whose performances were worse.

The workers’ team credited each of their members. They felt they could vote for the best performers but were not in a position to vote out the “worst” performer.

Arvind, who is a mediator, was trying to play the manipulator by reminding the workers’ team that all the decisions were not taken unanimously.

The discussion gradually took the form of an argument as the workers’ team was unable to arrive at a conclusion. Rochelle felt that she and her boyfriend were being unduly targeted.

But Arvind while talking to Aman said that Suyyash and Prince were responsible for the team’s failure. While the rest of the workers’ team felt the duo put up the best performance.

Vikas and Yuvika were called to the confession room to remind them that it is their duty to do what Bigg Boss asks them to. Keith and Mandana got maximum votes, however, Rochelle chose to differ.

To choose the next captain of the house – either Aman or Kishwar – each of their supporters were asked to participate in a tug of war.

Kishwar’s supporters won the contest.

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