Bigg Boss, Day 18: Inmates perform painful tasks; couples share intimate moments

Day 18 was indeed an eventful day. Contestants won the luxury budget task by performing painful tasks.  

Bigg Boss, Day 18: Inmates perform painful tasks; couples share intimate moments

Mumbai: Prince and Kishwer resolve little misunderstandings between them.

Since the inmates did not complete their Friends Page task, Bigg Boss awarded them with zero points. And hence, a new task for set titled ‘Shhh… Baccha jag jayega’.

The participants and the spectators had to maintain pin drop silence while the tasks were being performed. A cradle with a baby (dummy of an infant) was kept in the task room to suggest the presence of a sleeping baby. And hence it was imperative to maintain silence.

Mandana agreed to do a painful task which required Prince, the captain of the house to pull the elastic band attached to a cap worn by Mandana, in such a manner that it hurts her neck.

Digangana volunteered to do the ice bucket challenge task. Pribce had to pour buckets full of ice and cold water on Digangana’s head.

Rimi, Yuvika and Mandana discussed their age. Rimi’s longest relationship lasted for 8 years. When the two ask her about her marriage, she said, she may get married but may not want to have kids. She just had one serious relationship in her life until now.

Keith faced the kick butt challenge. Prince had to move a wheel with shoes tied to it at regular intervals. The task required Keith to stand in such a manner that his backside would take the hard kicks while the wheel was being moved.

Suyyash had to get his legs waxed, while Rochelle and Vikas had to withstand the pain after being constantly hit on the by table tennis balls.

Rochelle talked about her previous boyfriend when quizzed about Vikas. She said her relationship with her ended because she started seriously focusing on her career in the entertainment world and that required her to pay attention to the way she looked and carried herself.

The inmates won the luxury budget after successfully doing all the tasks.

After a tiring day, when the other inmates were fast asleep, couples – Keith and Rochelle, Suyyash and Kishwer shared an intimate moment by locking lips with each other.

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