Bigg Boss, Day 22: Wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha creates havoc, annoys inmates

Wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha’s language and approach annoyed contestants as they felt he was being disrespectful towards women.

Bigg Boss, Day 22: Wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha creates havoc, annoys inmates
Image courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: The Day opened with the entry of TV actor and Bigg Boss season 9’s first wild card entrant- Rishabh Sinha.

He introduced himself to the inmates in style.

Kishwer got irritated with Rishabh’s antics and told Prince to let Rishabh know about the rules of the house.

Rishabh spent substantial time with Mandana and informed her about how much Rochelle and Keith helped her when she was unwell.

Digangana confessed to having had a fight with Rishabh Sinha. Digangana explained what really went wrong with Rishabh. The two were working on a show together and while shooting, Rishabh, who was under the influence of alcohol, abused when people asked him not to use his phone. The two had an ugly showdown and that’s when the young girl decided to walk away.

Mandana and Rochelle had a heated argument yet again. Rochelle dragged her boyfriend as he was trying to pacify the two women.

Rochelle hanged out in the pool in a bikini and that’s when Rishabh passed a remark that had a strong undercurrent.

Keith and Rochelle had a good time in the pool. Suyyash and Kishwer enjoyed watching the two.

Rishabh told Rimi to respect her decision to participate in the show and be proactive. By not participating in the house’s activities, she is spoiling her image.

Suyyash, Keith, Rochelle etc discussed Rishabh and his game plan.

None could nominate Suyyash and Rishabh because the former directly got nominated because he failed the luxury budget task and the latter is a wild card entrant.

Open nominations – Who nominated whom?

Prince – Mandana (who got directly nominated for eviction)

Rochelle – Rimi, Yuvika, Digangana

Rimi – Digangana, Rochelle, Aman

Suyyash – Digangana, Rimi, Aman

Mandana- Rimi, Rochelle, Aman

Yuvika-  Rimi, Digangana, Keith

Aman – Kishwer, Rimi, Yuvika

Digangana – Rimi, Yuvika, Aman

Kishwer- Aman, Rimi, Rochelle

Keith – Rimi, Yuvika, Kishwer

Suyyash, Mandana, Rimi, Aman, Yuvika, Digangana got nominated this week for eviction.

Suyyash took a stand against Rishabh’s comment at Rochelle’s swimming pool hangout.  Rishabh denied passing the remark with any ugly intention. Sometime later, Rishabh has an argument with Suyyash over Kishwer. Rishabh told Kishwer that he doesn’t like her. Kishwer took his comments in her stride even as Rishabh tried to instigate her.

Rochelle confronted Rishabh to tell him not to make cheap comments. The people inside the how have a certain class and no one will entertain any cheap behaviour. Keith too warned Rishabh but gave him a benefit of doubt when the latter explained there was no double meaning in his “darshan dete jao” remark.

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