Bigg Boss, Day 23 & 24: Rishabh’s attitude irks inmates; ugly fights begin, Prince loses his cool

The inmates develop a strong hatred for Rishabh, who annoyed them by being cunning, unfair and insensitive guest during the Hotel task.

Bigg Boss, Day 23 & 24: Rishabh’s attitude irks inmates; ugly fights begin, Prince loses his cool
Image courtesy: Bigg Boss

Mumbai: The “Go Fetch” task continued. Rishabh deliberately made Kishwer fetch the bone by throwing it again and again.

Andy made an entry.

Suyyash and Digangana talked about their problems to Andy.  Suyyash requested Andy to stop the “go fetch” game and save Kishwer.

Rishabh tried to instigate Prince but Yuvika intervened to pacify the two.

Andy wished to see Keith and Rochelle perform a sensuous dance in the pool.

After the pool dance, Prince and Rishabh had a very ugly spat as the latter keeps torturing Kishwer, Aman in the garb of the hotel task.

Andy was asked to check out of the hotel in the morning.  Andy gave 7 stars to the hotel.

Prince was genuinely angry with Rishabh.

Ali Quli Mirza made an entry. He tried to impress Rimi Sen.

Sana Khan also paid a visit to the house as a guest in the hotel.

Digangana was asked to wear a swimming costume or resign from her job as a hotel staff. Digangana chose to quit.

Aman was asked to resign or agree to go bald. He agreed to sacrifice his hair.

Rimi was asked to colour her hair and she refused to do so.

Yuvika too quit her job.

Kishwer agreed to put dots on her face.

Ali and Sana were asked to check out of the hotel. Both gave seven stars to the hotel.

The Hotel task got over after the two guests left. Bigg Boss appreciated everyone for the task.

Mandana and Rishabh won the secret task and as a result won the immunity for nomination.

Prince failed in getting work done from his staff and as a result got nominated.

Rishabh and Prince got into a verbal brawl. Kishwer told Mandana that had she been the guest, she would have certainly told her team mate not to make anyone do the “go fetch” task for so long.

Mandana tried to defend herself but the inmates almost teamed up against her and Rishabh.

Prince was against Rishabh’s decision to make Kishwer play the dog in the “go fetch” task.

Rishabh said he couldn't make Aman or Keith do the task because they were his friends. Kishwer taunted Rishabh by saying he only knows to tell women “to keep giving darshan” thereby hinting at his remarks meant for Rochelle.

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