Bigg Boss - Day 23: New task creates wide rift between Rishabh, other inmates

Rishabh tried his best to irk the Bigg Boss hotel staff during the task.

Bigg Boss - Day 23: New task creates wide rift between Rishabh, other inmates
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: For the next luxury budget task, Mandana and Rishabh were chosen as the guests of the hotel while Prince as the manager. The rest of the inmates were hotel staff.

Bigg Boss announced the secret task for Mandana and Rishabh and that was to oust two inmates out of the luxury budget task. If they succeeded in doing so, they would win immunity and be out of the nomination race.

Suyyash, Kishwer and Digangana were being short-listed by the duo for being removed from the Bigg Boss Hotel task, so that they could succeed in the secret task.

Bigg Boss announced the arrival of a new guest- Sargun Mehta. She was asked by Bigg Boss to eventually rate the services of the seven star hotel. If her rating was less than 5, then it would affect Prince’s nomination process.

Sargun and Rishabh hatched a plan to expel two hotel staff from the task.

Rishabh deliberately asked vegetarian Digangana to cook chicken for him.

They guests decided to play the game- “go fetch”. Suyyash was made to fetch a bone like a dog.

Kishwer spit on the glass of cold water that was meant for Rishabh to avenge the torture meted on them.

Sargun was asked to check out of the hotel. As per the rule of the task, she had to rate the services of the hotel and hence she removed one star from the hotel.

Mandana and Rishabh continued with the “go fetch” game with Kishwer playing the role of a dog. On seeing Kishwer essaying the animal, Suyyash, her boyfriend, was deeply hurt and moved to tears.

Aman was seen telling Rishabh that his demands were going beyond limits, after he saw Suyyash crying inconsolably while watching his ladylove perform the “go fetch” game.

Prince intervened, asked Aman not to request Rishabh to withdraw his demands. Prince was very angry with Rishabh but pretended to be at his guests service with a forced fake smile.

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