Bigg Boss, Day 25: Second wild card entrant Puneet Vashishtha’s behaviour rattles inmates

The inmates weren’t too happy to have Puneet Vashishtha as the new entrant.

Bigg Boss, Day 25: Second wild card entrant Puneet Vashishtha’s behaviour rattles inmates
Image courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: Yuvika made an attempt to make Rishabh understand that Mandana was a little too insensitive towards Kishwer despite being a girl. Kishwer shouldn’t have been made to play the “go-fetch” game for 3 hours.

Since Mandana and Rishabh won the luxury budget, they would contest for the captaincy. So, there were three rounds of a game to qualify for the captain’s role.

To maintain equality in physical strength in the task, Mandana was asked to choose one male member to play the games for her.

Rishabh won the contest and as a result won the captaincy.

Rochelle had reservations about Rishabh becoming the captain. She explained her stance to Rishabh and told him to treat the women inmates with respect.

Rishabh wanted inmates to address him as Devil and not as Captain. He sat with the inmates and dicussed issues that needed major attention.

Rochelle and Rishabh had an argument over his luggage. Rishabh apparently heard Rochelle use some abusive language for him and confronted her over the same.

Rochelle apparently has an ego issue with Rishabh and hence the constant tiffs.

Puneet Vashisht, the second wild card entrant made a grand entry.

Rishabh and Puneet discussed their game plan.

Rishabh apologised to Rochelle for the fights. The two hugged each other.

The inmates played a naughty prank with Rishabh by pretending to throw his suitcase in the pool.

Puneet gradually showed his temper, after the inmates had issues regarding his bed. He as initially asked to use one o the two vacant beds, which were close to Yuvika’s. Puneet asked her if she had reservations with him using the nearest bed. She asked Digangana to swap her bed to avoid Puneet.

Puneet seemed to have issues with the fact that Rishabh who was far less experienced as an actor than him and was sharing the same Bigg Boss’ platform.

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