Bigg Boss, Day 26: Keith leaves house; Puneet fights with Digangana, takes a dig at her

Puneet behaved rudely with Digangana after she chose to support Rishabh in a contest organised by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss, Day 26: Keith leaves house; Puneet fights with Digangana, takes a dig at her
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Rochelle told Puneet not to disturb her from her sleep. Puneet did not appreciate Rochelle’s reminder, as he had immediately kept quiet after she told him to do so.

Keith was asked to leave the house by Bigg Boss owing to a personal issue. (Bigg Boss informed the audiences about the untimely death of Keith's brother).

Kishwer had a fight with Mandana who wasn’t doing her job- mopping. Mandana taunted Suyyash by telling him that he musn’t forget that moment when his girlfriend had essayed the role of a ‘dog’. She was basically hinting at the “go fetch” game.

Mandana had an ugly argument with Yuvika. The rest of the inmates supported Yuvika because of Mandana’s rude approach and attitude.

After fighting with the inmates, Mandana cried profusely. And that’s when Puneet went and consoled her.

Mandana apologised for using abusive words for her co-inmates. Aman helped her make her apology speech in Hindi.

Rimi probably voiced her opinion for the first time openly. She spoke against Mandana.

Bigg Boss Double Trouble Room:

Three people who were nominated were those whose performances were worse in the Hotel task for the luxury budget.

Rishabh, Mandana and Rimi were chosen.

The double trouble room deal:

Four options-

  • If out of the three only one presses the button, the other two will have to sleep on the floor.
  • If two, then the third will have to sleep on the floor
  • If all three press the button only the three will sleep on the bed.
  • If none of them presses the button, everyone will sleep on the floor.

What was the result?

Everyone besides the three, will have to sleep on the floor since all the three of them pressed the button.

What followed next?

Puneet and Rishabh were challenged. They had to impress and entertain each of the female contestants in the house. Puneet won the task. But he was upset with Digangana for not supporting him in the task initially. Her parents had apparently visited Puneet’s house to tell him to take care of her. He was visibly rude to Digangana.

Digangana disliked Puneet’s behaviour. The formation of camps inside the house began.

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