Bigg Boss, Day 53: Kishwer, Prince indulge in spat; Prince wins ‘vasna’ task!

The ‘panch dosh’ task brought Kishwer and Prince face to face in an argument. Prince was declared winner of 'vasna' task. 

Bigg Boss, Day 53: Kishwer, Prince indulge in spat; Prince wins ‘vasna’ task!
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

New Delhi: In continuation with yesterday’s ‘panch dosh’ task, tonight we got to see some arguments ensuing between friends Kishwer and Prince. Mandana was seen being upset with the rest of the members because she was being asked to give up the task where Priya (sanchalak) had to destroy each other’s personal stuff. Priya declared team B - Suyyash, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh as the winners of the task.

Kishwer and Prince got into a fight. Prince asked Kishwer to ‘use her head’ when Kishwer pointed out how Kanwaljeet’s pillow was destroyed in spite of the item’s medical significance.

The whole argument was on the task in question which got stretched for quite a long time. Rishabh told Mandana that her attitude in the game was wrong.

Mandana explained to Keith that the show is all about competition and doing the task, she also blamed Keith for being responsible for their failure in the task.

She kept on insisting that she lost the most valuable possessions in the task and was still being targeted. Rochelle said the fact that she tried to save Mandana brought a bad image to her.

Priya claimed that there was a lot of change in Prince’s attitude, saying he has become more ‘snappy’.

The second stage of the ‘panch dosh’ asked to test the control of oneself over their lust, where Rishabh and Prince were seduced and their heart rates were being checked. Prince was declared to be the winner of the task by house captain Priya.

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