‘Bigg Boss’: I’ve 20 million pages, says Sunny Leone

Mumbai: Nobody expected it to happen this soon, but Sunny Leone has been nominated for elimination in the second week of her Bigg Boss sojourn.

Check out Sunny Leone!

This week the nomination process was an interesting affair. After Pooja Bedi made Juhi Parmar safe and Mehek was kept out of the loop (as she was made the captain after Pooja Missra was evicted), the fight was to be between Amar, Siddharth, Shraddha, Shonali, Sky and Sunny Leone.

Mehek using her `power` as the captain, directly nominated Sky.

Bigg Boss then threw a bouncer when he asked the boys - Amar, Siddharth and Sky -to come together to the confession room and select two names for nomination.

Despite Sky`s opposition, Amar and Siddharth finalised the names of Shraddha and Sunny, by way of the majority vote.

As expected Shraddha was upset and wanted to know the real story behind her name being among those nominated.

However, what came as a surprise was Sunny`s response to the news. She appeared as if not being able to digest the news that she is among those on the chopping block this week.

She expressed her apprehensions when she spoke to her `buddy` Akashdeep Sehgal aka Sky. She said that she worried what would happen if others in the house came to know about her past...her reality.

"I have 20 million pages on my name on the web; I have fans in the US... I am `controversial`... I have no tension but when the housemates would come to know (my past), then a bomb will explode."

To which Sky told her not to mention it and that nobody will dare speak about anybody`s past given the strict rules of the game where no one can talk about others’ past.

Interestingly the way Sky said this, it seemed as if he appeared to know the fact that Sunny Leone is SUNNY LEONE - the porn superstar.

Even Sunny was confused, she asked him to explain. Give a hint, about what he knows about her, Sunny goaded Sky, but he kept mum.

Clearly Sunny Leone appears to be burdened by the Indian level of what construes as good and bad. All we can say is...welcome to India Sunny!

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