‘Bigg Boss’: Sunny Leone opens her bag of goodies!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: As part of the weekly task for the housemates, porn star Sunny Leone was asked, for a change, to prove her expertise in the kitchen.

She was anointed as the celebrity chef as part of the task. She was given a goody basket consisting of chocolates, biscuits and the lot.

She was asked to offer her goodies to the first housemate she encounters, when her turn comes.

The lucky chap turned out to be Amar, she rushed to him with her basket and he supposedly chose chocolates from the chocolaty Sunny.

Apart from Sunny, Siddharth was asked to don the role as a sports commentator. Juhi became an astrologer while Sky excelled in his role as a filmy gup shup wala (gossip newsman).

"Just now the news has come in that a film has got stuck even before its release...apart from other characters, the movie features a so called youth icon but the way he portrayed the role he has turned out to be zero," he said taking a dig at Siddharth.

"There is one more interesting character Mehek. What started out as a drama has now turned into a horror... she started as a heroine, but now has turned into a witch," he added attacking Mehek Chahal.

Later Sunny Leone once again touched upon her past in a private conversation with Sky and Juhi. But before she could say anything, the other two stopped her and asked her not to talk about `it` and tried to sympathise with her by saying that `everybody makes mistakes in life`.

But to their surprise, Sunny brushed off the advice saying, "I have not made any mistakes... it’s just that I can’t tell!"

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