‘Bigg Boss’: Sunny Leone reveals her ‘perfect man’

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Super star porn queen Sunny Leone`s fans have something to cheer about; she has finally revealed her `wish list` on the qualities that she would want in her `perfect man`.

As per the day`s task, Bigg Boss asked housemates to write their wedding profile with Shraddha being appointed to act as the matchmaker who would select the perfect couple.

The first to list out his wish list, about the qualities he expects in his match was Amar. He said "Want someone who is between 5.5 ft to 5.7 ft in height, is soft-spoken, who would keep the family together, fair in colour, should be able to dance on modern numbers, wear high heels and also make good daal."

Shonali said that her ideal partner should be between 28-38 years in age. "He should make me smile and have a big heart," she added.

Siddharth started out by saying that he is a fighter and wants a true Punjaban who is cultured and loving.

Then came Sunny Leone’s chance to shed light on what all qualities she would want in her ideal mate. She said, ` He should be hardworking, spontaneous, positive, smart, physically fit and business minded."

"I don’t want someone who is selfish. I want a man with whom I would want to spend my entire life...who would love me... who would say, I love you to me every morning," she added.

Shraddha too, played her part perfectly. She selected Sunny Leone and Amar as the perfect couple.

Later, all the housemates assembled in the activity area where Bigg Boss had arranged filmy marriage thrones for the winning couple. Sunny and Amar sat on it and were surrounded by other housemates to "say cheese" in unison.

Earlier in the day, Mahek and Sky were called together to the confession room. Bigg Boss offered them an `exclusive` grand lunch and asked them to try whether they can find common ground and be friends.

Sky touched upon her support to Shraddha when the latter abused him and called him a `Gadha’ (donkey). Mahek tried to clarify but she couldn’t cut much ice with a stubborn Sky.

Later Bigg Boss accepted that they have deep differences and that they can’t be friends. He said, "You both don`t want to listen to each other. Your allegations are almost similar, so Bigg Boss is trying to minimize the differences between you two."

However, they kept fighting with each other which eventually led to Sky leaving the room in a huff. Mahek reacted by crying. She said. "I don`t know why I have been put in this house with this (Sky) person."

Sky later told housemates, "Har jagah footage khana jaroori hain (She – Mahek - wants to garner footage everywhere)."

In another twist to the tale, Siddharth took offence to Bigg Boss` effort to try and sort the differences between Sky and Mahek.

He was of the opinion that if Bigg Boss is not biased then he could have treated other fighting inmates to lunch as well. The Delhi boy went on to announce that he won’t eat a morsel of food in the house as he has lost his trust in the fairness of the `game`.

Later Mahek talked to Bigg Boss via a camera, she said, "I and Sky talked and there`s a new beginning in our relationship."

Interestingly, late in the night, Sunny Leone was seen talking to Sky and Juhi in a hushed tone about her past!

Although it is yet unclear as to what she exactly said but the other two were seen expressing their support to her.

So has Sunny exploded the bomb about her past? We will tell you soon.

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