Bigg Boss: Wild card entrant Priya accuses Rishabh of sexual abuse!

Priya accuses Rishabh of sexually touching her during a task assigned by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss: Wild card entrant Priya accuses Rishabh of sexual abuse!
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: If the precap of Tuesday’s episode that was shown to the viewers Monday night is anything to go by, then new wild card entrant Priya Malik accuses Rishabh Sinha of touching her sexually during a task.

Priya, who entered the house in Monday’s episode tried to add fuel to the fire. She was seen instigating Prince as she wants to break his friendship with Suyyash and Kishwer.

The trio of Prince, Kishwer and Suyyash is already wary of her agenda. But the actual drama starts in Tuesday’s episode.

What was shown in the precap segment?

It could be clearly seen that the two – Rishabh and Priya - are participating in a task assigned by Bigg Boss. The inmates are divided into two teams and each have to milk a cow.

Rishabh and Priya probably are opponents. As Rishabh tries to milk the cow, Priya blocks the part that dispenses milk. As part of the task, Rishabh has to milk the cow by hook or crook. And hence ends up licking Priya’s fingers probably to distract her and force her to take her hands off the cow. That is when the former Australian Big Brother finalist accuses the TV actor of sexually abusing her.

Interestingly, the senior most inmate- Kanwaljeet – is seen enjoying witnessing the moment. He angers Priya by telling her to “enjoy the moment”, which triggers a fight.

Was Kanwaljeet right in telling Priya to “enjoy”?

Did Rishabh really touch Priya with wrong intensions?

Will the inmates stand up for Priya and support her?

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