Bollywood actors could learn something from IBD kids: David Dhawan

Updated: Apr 03, 2013, 09:15 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau
Mumbai: While on a promotional tour for his next film, ‘Chashme Baddoor’, renowned director David Dhawan was absolutely blown away by the talent on the sets of India’s No 1 reality show on Zee TV, India’s Best Dramebaaz! On the sets of the show with lead actors of his upcoming film, Taapsi and Divyendu, the director couldn’t hide his astonishment at the high standard of acting talent in the contestants. After watching both groups of kids perform, David commented that some of our Bollywood stars could learn a thing or two about acting by watching the kids on the show! – ‘Their maturity, poise and confidence is remarkable. Some of the kids delivered their lines with such aplomb that even some seasoned actors will have a tough time matching them!”

While David Dhawan was mesmerized by the li’l kids, Taapsi was charmingly courted by two of the show’s most mischievous young boys –Praneet and Zenith! While Praneet said that he would like to make Taapsi his girlfriend, Zenith went one step further by presenting her with a rose and going down on one knee to ask her to dance. Taapsi couldn’t resist his cute advances and took him up on his offer to dance with her. But with five year old Zenith barely reaching her knees, Taapsi picked him up and waltzed with him…much to Zenith’s delight!

On seeing both ace directors on the sets, Anamitra asked Anurag ‘dada’ why all good directors were overweight to which David Dhawan reasoned that it was because they were the only ones who were happy. Anurag and Ragini paid tribute to David Dhawan by reciting famous dialogues from his films and the joining the kids on stage as they performed the famous Salman Khan‘towel’ step.

Watch the Chashme Baddoor cast have plenty fun with the country’s Gen Next actors on India’s Best Dramebaaz, this Sunday (8 April) at 9 PM, only on Zee TV.