Cheryl Cole taking indefinite break from showbiz

London: Cheryl Cole has revealed that she is taking a break, without any deadline, from the world of celebrity in the wake of her humiliating sacking from the US ‘X Factor’.

“I need a break. I need to rest and I need to reassess what I’m doing with my life. I haven’t had a break for nine years and I’m exhausted from it all. For once now I am going to take some time out,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

The step might be seen as a step to escape the stress that she had to suffer from the deadlines of record companies and TV shows.

“For once I can have some time for myself – not worry about X Factor, not worry about recording an album, not worry about anything,” she said.

“Suddenly I’m under no pressure and I actually feel the happiest I’ve felt in a long, long time. I’ve got a big place, I have enough money – and if I never get photographed again, I don’t care,” she added.

“Cheryl is coming out of a very dark place. She wants to be left alone,” said a source close to her family.


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