Cheryl Cole under pressure for US X Factor

Updated: May 09, 2011, 20:32 PM IST

London: Producers of the US version of the show ‘The X Factor’ have warned Cheryl Cole to “prove herself as a judge or she’s out.”

They have inserted a get-out clause into Cole’s megabucks contract to judge the US version of the hit show, which means they can tear up her 3.6- million-pounds three-year deal if she fails to win over America.

The under pressure ‘Girls Aloud’ babe has already started pulling out all the stops to prove herself that she can become a huge international star.

Despite her massive success on the UK version of the show and as a solo artist, Cole is facing the wrath of the producers in the American version.

While the others have been secured with a guaranteed three-year run, Cole has just 12 months to prove she is up to the job.

“Cheryl has a three-year contract, the same as the others, but there is a one-year get-out clause for her so if it’s not working out, they can let go of her,” the Daily Star quoted a source at network Fox as saying.