Cheryl shouldn`t complain about paparazzi: Simon Cowell

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell says Cheryl Cole shouldn`t complain about public scrutiny and press attention because she is rich and famous.

Cowell, 52, who sensationally sacked the British singer from the US version of `The X Factor` after she had worked on just four auditions, said he does not believe the `Call My Name` star should get upset about the paparazzi, reported Femalefirst.

"Cheryl has to accept the fact that if you are popular and you are cute, you are going to get photographed.

"Look, if someone had said to Cheryl when she was auditioning for [TV show] `Popstars: The Rivals`, `By the way, the downside is that you`re going to be a millionaire, you`re going to be one of the most famous people in the world, but guess what, you`re going to have your picture taken,` you think Cheryl would have said, `Oh, I don`t think I`ll go through it then`? I mean, come on, I don`t think so," he said.

Cowell said he and Cheryl often had discussions about her talking to the press and he believes she should have more fun with it.

"I used to have these conversations a lot with Cheryl about talking to the daily papers and she`s just got to accept the fact that they`re going to write about you and in a way, you do owe them something. Talk to them, and enjoy it."