Cole surprises Cowell with singing dwarfs

London: Pop star Cheryl Cole surprised her friend, music mogul Simon Cowell, with a special gift on his 51st birthday, a band of singing dwarfs.

The former `American Idol` judge was caught unawares by a trio of tiny people singing him Happy Birthday, reported Daily Mail online.

The band accompanied themselves on accordion, drum and violin, and were even dressed to look like the birthday boy with high-waisted jeans and grey T-shirts bearing the words `Happy birthday, love Cheryl` on the front.

The small gesture got the thumbs up from the hard-to-please record label boss, who turned 51 today. Dwarf actor Phil Holden explaining Cowell`s excitement said, "Simon saw us and asked, `Are you for me?` before bursting out laughing. He thought it was the best present he`d ever had. Cheryl said she thought it would be funny for us to annoy him. But it backfired a bit because after we finished he said, `Right then, you`re spending the day with me`."

The miniature gig followed reports that the `Girls Aloud` star and Cowell had "fallen out" over her decision to axe Zimbabwean singer Gamu from the show.