Cole to get $2 mn to seal her lips?

London: Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly being offered $2 million to keep her mouth shut about her bad experience on the reality show `X Factor`.

Cole was axed from the `X Factor` after four days and was replaced by singer Nicole Scherzinger. But she could still get her full payment, providing she agrees not to bad mouth the show or its chief Simon Cowell.

"Cheryl is going to be paid off if things go to plan. The last thing we need is someone with an axe to grind saying bad things about the show before it even starts," quoted a source as saying.

"It`s is an incredible amount of money for four days` work, but this is a multi-million dollar show with so much invested, it will be worth it. If she takes the money, she is effectively agreeing to a gag," the source added.


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