Conceptualised `Udaan` actually for a film: Mahesh Bhatt

New Delhi: Mahesh Bhatt`s film on bonded labour could not release but the filmmaker-producer says he has utilised the concept for a new TV show `Udaan`.

The show is a heart-warming story of a free-spirited young girl and it talks about the social issue of bonded labour which is still rampant in some places of our country.

"I read an article 25-years-ago in a magazine where the curse of India which is bonded labour was exhaustively reported and explained. In that, there was a particular incident where a father mortgaged the unborn child who was in his wife`s womb for the freedom of his mother who died. That is where the concept was born," Bhatt said.

Bhatt added that he borrowed the concept for the shelved film `Girvi`, which starred Ajay Devgn and daughter Pooja Bhatt in lead roles, but the film could not release.

"I was in the peak of my career as during that time I tasted success with `Aashiqui`, `Dil Hai Ki Manta Nhi`, `Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke` among others. But a film like `Girvi` during that time was a serious proposition because market changed drastically and entertainment films became the order of the day.

"Producers wanted me to make films which had capital entertainment in it. There was a belief in our society that anything which has a serious grim issues of life in it, won`t be watched by the audience. The film was shot but could not see the light of day," he said.

But his assistant for the film, Gurudev Bhalla, who is now turning producer with the new show `Udaan`, revisited the space which Bhatt had created. The show will go on air from August 18.

Child artiste Spandan Charurvedi, who also did a small role in `Veera`, will play the protagonist on the show. The initial episodes will focus on her relationship with her parents and her playmate. But as the show proceeds it will challenge the concept of bonded labour.

"I feel Spandan is brilliant in playing the role. She is just 7-year-old but she has proved that she is a star. She is perfect for the free-spirited character," Bhatt said.

The `Ashiqui` helmer feels that TV is a strong tool to penetrate into the homes of people.

"I use television very effectively for my cinematic works. I made many shows for it be it `Janam` (1987), `Swaabhimaan` or `Haqeeqat`. I feel stories which got social messages can effectively reach to masses only through TV. Cinema today does not deal with concepts which have profound social issues at the heart of it," he added.

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