Connect with Shahid Kapoor on TV!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Here’s a classic example of technology bridging the gap between an idol and his followers.

In a bid to oblige with the pressing calls of fans, an entertainment TV channel came up with an interesting concept, where people can chat directly with their favourite celebrity through telephone, as they watch them conversing live on TV! And the first celebrity to feature-in is Shahid Kapoor.

With the launch of this new programme, the channel has claimed that ever since they have opened lines to log the callers, they have already been flooded with numerous calls from Shahid’s fans throughout the world.

And when the concerned channel shared this information (about deluge of calls) to Shahid, the actor couldn’t stop grinning and felt really flattered. This whole concept excited Shahid to no ends, who was eager to connect with all his fans directly on a prime time TV show.

About the phone calls, Shahid had this to say - “I am overwhelmed and humbled. It’s a different feeling altogether to speak directly with your fans. They say such wonderful things that just make your day. And even their mild criticisms are so well-meaning. Nothing beats the power of fans. And nothing beats the power of direct connect.”


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