Courteney Cox to direct movie for TV

Los Angeles: Former `Friends` star Courteney Cox is set to direct the movie `Tall Hot Blonde` for US TV network Lifetime.

The 47-year-old actress will helm the murderous internet love story and she says she is delighted to have the job, reported USA Today.

"I love directing. I thought, `Oh my God, this is perfect for my personality, to be involved in every little detail.` It made me so happy," Cox said.

"The film is a true story about two people falling in love on the internet, but no one`s who they`re supposed to be. There`s a murder out of jealousy. It`s a really interesting documentary. It`s a great role for a guy - and it`s not your typical battered woman," she added.

Having finished the latest season of `Cougar Town`, which she has previously directed episodes of, Cox will be focusing entirely on her new job, which will film in Los Angeles so she can be in close proximity to her seven-year-old daughter Coco "This is going to be a full time job for the next, three months. Coco`s so social. Everything in her life. I think it`s important to keep it really consistent," she said.