Daniel Craig to narrate BBC documentary

Los Angeles: Actor Daniel Craig has been roped in to narrate natural-history feature `One Life`.

The documentary, directed by Michael Gunton and Martha Holmes from the BBC Natural History Unit, shows the Darwinian struggle for survival and reproduction and highlights the interconnection between humans and animals, reports variety.com.

"The BBC Natural History Unit has proven, year after year, that its documentary skills are second to none," Craig said in a statement.

"For the filmmakers who spend their entire lives recording beautiful images of planet Earth`s dwindling wildlife, I have only a sense of awe and deep-rooted respect. I am incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance to play a very small part in that process," he added.

Amanda Hill, managing director of BBC Earth and exec producer of the documentary, said: "`One Life` is "the first of three major motion pictures from BBC Earth Films, with `Walking With Dinosaurs 3D` and `Africa 3D` set to follow, so it`s fitting that a heavyweight star such as Daniel is involved."