Daniel Radcliffe wants to play young Jon Hamm in ‘Mad Men’

London: Daniel Radcliffe, who worked alongside Jon Hamm in new comedy ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook,’ now wants to cast his magic in ‘Mad Men.’

In the Sky Arts’ mini comedy series, which is based on short stories by Mikhail Bulgakov — Radcliffe and Hamm play younger and older versions of a Russian doctor.

The ‘Harry Potter’ star admitted he would like the welcome to double up with Hamm, a second time for a cameo in the award-winning Sixties ad agency drama.

“We have to make sure we don’t cross over too much but if there is a small part for someone to play a young Jon Hamm, I’m available,” a leading daily has quoted him, as telling TV Biz.

“Since Harry Potter I’ve chosen things as different as possible. I want to pop up in lots of things so people get used to seeing me without a wand,” he said.


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