Dave Berg dishes out secrets on stars appearing on `The Tonight Show with Jay Leno`

Melbourne: Dave Berg has revealed many secrets about the stars, which have appeared on the ` The Tonight Show with Jay Leno` in his new memoir `Behind the Curtain: An Insider`s View of Jay Leno `s Tonight Show

The 22-year segment producer cited Christian Bale and Teri Hatcher as difficult stars because bale walked out of the show as he felt the pre-show interview questions were "too personal" and Hatcher was very moody,reportedly.

He further mentioned that director Quentin Tarantino was among the A-listers to overindulge in drinking and Eddie Murphy handed over an absurd list of demands to tide him over during the 45 minutes he spent in his dressing room before appearing on the show.

The book further revealed that `The Tonight Show` managed to beat `The Late Show with David Letterman` in the ratings by leading with cute animals instead of Hollywood stars.

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