Don Omar to compose song for Jennifer Lopez`s TV show

Updated: Feb 14, 2012, 11:18 AM IST

San Juan: Reggaeton star Don Omar announced Monday that he has been charged with composing the theme song for the television programme ‘Q`Viva The Chosen’, hosted by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

"I`ve been recruited by @marcanthony @jlo and SIMON FULLER to compose the theme song for the new show #QueViva`", Don Omar tweeted.

The programme, a search for Latino musical talent in a score of countries around the Americas, premiered Jan 28 and was seen by some 2.2 million viewers in the US. Lopez and Anthony have been touring the region for months on the lookout for talented singers, dancers and musicians to perform on the show.

The two have travelled to cities and towns in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Uruguay, Aruba and the US.

Lopez and Anthony`s mission is to build a cast of outstanding artists of all nationalities and create a programme "that will be one of the greatest celebrations of Latin culture the world has ever seen," according to the production company XIX Entertainment, creator of ‘American Idol’.