Drama queen Dolly pitted against cry baby Sarah

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: If TV viewers missed the ugly spat between foul mouthed Dolly Bindra and Sarah Ali Khan on reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, here’s some extra dose.

Drama queen Dolly will soon make an entry in TV soap ‘Ram Milaye Jodi’, which has Sarah Khan playing the female lead. Dolly, known for stirring controversies is believed to play an important role in the show. Buzz has it that the news of her arrival in the show has not gone down too well with ‘cry baby’ Sarah Khan.

Expressing her take on Dolly’s entry in the show, Sarah tried her best to sound politically correct as she said, “We are professionals and we are actors. I can meet anyone anywhere and it is my responsibility to ensure the atmosphere of the show does not get ruined with her (Dolly) entry”.

The young actress, however, does anticipate the work atmosphere getting ruined because of Dolly. “If something untoward happens then my production house and channel will look into the matter,” added Sarah.

Moreover, this news did not come as a rude shock to Sarah. She believes that everyone associated with the reality show knows best how to handle a person like Dolly.

Sarah said, “I was not shocked when I learnt she was entering the show. I have worked with her in ‘Bigg Boss’ and it is my responsibility to be careful. I am sure people connected with the show will take care of all the situations.”

And now that sleazy antics specialist Dolly is making an entry in the show, she will boost the TRP for sure.