Easy to play Akbar: Rajat Tokas

Karjat: Small screen actor Rajat Tokas, who plays the male lead in `Jodha Akbar`, says he is soft spoken in real life but did not face any problem playing the "authoritative" character.

"Akbar was very authoritative and bold and in reality, I am very soft spoken. But Akbar had the help of his ministers and even I get that help during the shoot when I am playing Akbar`s charater and that makes it easy for me to play the character," Rajat told reporters at the launch of "Jodha Akbar" e-book and mobile game at Karjat.

The 22-year was asked what attracts him to the role of the Mughal emperor.

To that, he said: "Akbar was well aware of anything and everything. He had everything - money, fame and power.

"The best part about him was that he knew how to use the power. He believed in planning and always made plans in advance. I like that about him."

Rajat launched the "Jodha Akbar" mobile game, while Paridhi Sharma, seen as Jodha, launched the show`s e-book at an event here.

Unfortunately, Rajat has not tried his hands at the game as yet and won`t be able to play it anytime soon either.

"I haven`t played the game yet and I have an iPhone so I won`t be able to play it since iOS doesn`t have the mobile game. But I will try to play on my friends` Android phones. Once it`s available on iOS, I will download it," he said.

Usually actors are dressed as their characters at press conferences, but Rajat made an exception due to an injury that he suffered a few days ago.

"I got an injury on my foot. I got it treated, but I was still facing a lot of problems. I couldn`t wear my jooti because it was made of leather and it hurted me.

"I had to go to Delhi to get it treated properly. It`s not healed properly, and that`s why I chose to wear cushioned sandals," Rajat said.