Elle Macpherson bans girls from auditioning in bikinis for new TV show

London: Catwalk queen Elle Macpherson has banned girls from auditioning in bikinis on her new TV show in the UK, as she deemed it “inappropriate”.

The supermodel, 48, known as ‘The Body’ for her swimwear shoots made the decision after she felt uncomfortable for the scantily clad girls.

"It just felt inappropriate. It is very uncomfortable for a girl to stand in front of people like this - naked and freezing cold,” the Sun quoted the show host Macpherson, who is also executive producer of ‘Next Top Model’ series as saying.

“We started off putting the girls in bathing suits, but when I saw the first lot come in I just thought, ``I can’t do this to them. It’s not fair,” she said.

The Australian lingerie tycoon also felt that seeing all the contestants in similar bikinis meant the girls individual characters were harder to read.

“I am really interested in the personalities of the girls and that is often projected in the way they dress,” she added.

The first round of auditions, filmed in Glasgow before the rule change, would still be seen on Sky Living, but contestants elsewhere will only be seen fully clothed.


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