Fame comes with a price, feels TV actress Delnaaz Paul

Mumbai: Delnaaz Paul feels celebrities have to pay a price for being in the limelight - their private lives become public after becoming famous.

"There are so many things that happens in the outside world, but people don`t know anything about them because they are not famous. And out here, even if you sneeze, people get to know. I feel private lives of stars and celebrities are not private anymore because people want to know about you. To an extent, it`s the price to pay to be famous," Delnaaz said.

The actress, currently seen in popular TV show ‘Kya Huaa Tera Vaada’, herself has been written about and quoted many times, but she has no complaints against the media.

"Media has always been sweet to me... I don`t think it has done anything wrong about writing about me. I have no such grievances about what has been said about me," she said.


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