Filmy fever catches on `Sajan Re...`

Mumbai: The entire cast of TV serial `Sajan Re Jhoot Maat Bolo` will all be starring in a movie donning different getups as part of the story within the soap.

As the story unfolds on `Sajan Re Jhoot Maat Bolo`, Apoorva aka Sumeet Raghavan and his family are tricked by Mohit (who plays the villain in the soap) into giving him all their material possessions including their bungalow.

Hence, the family members convince Mohit to act in a movie. In the whole process every character dons a different getup and become a significant member of the crew. The movie
being made is a hilarious spoof of various other movies.

Rajiv Thakur, who plays Raju, will be seen playing American film director - Steven Cameron, Tiku Talsania (Dhirubhai) plays role of Dhisum Anna a fight master from
South India, Mugdha Chapekar who is Aarti Jhaveri in the serial will be donning a designer`s hat -- Sandra from Bandra, Sukhesh Anand, who plays Paresh in the serial will be seen in the role of Amar Akbar Anthony and Usha will be enacting the role of a producer.

"It is fun seeing everyone dressed as some other character within a character. It is interesting to see how people have changed. They have different costumes, different
styles of speech. I am sure our viewers are going to enjoy it thoroughly," Sumeet Raghvan aka Apoorva said.


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