Fox network joins pawn craze with ‘Buried Treasure’

Los Angeles: Fox is going antiquing.

The network better known for talent competition shows, including ‘American Idol,’ ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and the upcoming ‘X Factor,’ has greenlit a series about the pawn industry.

‘Buried Treasure’ will follow Leigh and Leslie Keno of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ as they travel around the country in search of hidden gems, from a 300-year-old violin to one of a kind comics, in people`s homes.

"Right now, a lot of people in America need cash, and we`re helping them find it in their own homes," said Joe Livecchi, series creator and executive producer. "We`re transforming lives with every treasure we find."

‘Buried Treasure’ joins a litany of shows devoted to the pickers and pawns genre, including History`s top-rated ‘Pawn Stars’ and the 15-plus knock-offs that have followed. Among them: Spike TV`s ‘Auction Hunters,’ Nat Geo`s ‘Auction Packed,’ Discovery`s ‘Auction Kings’ and TLC`s ‘What the Sell?!’ NBC, too, is getting into the thrift TV business this summer with ‘It`s Worth What?,’ a game show iteration from one-time ‘Antiques Roadshow’ host Lara Spencer.

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