Fox Traveller now in Bengali

Kolkata: Betting heavily on the regional market in India, travel and lifestyle channel Fox Traveller has now started a 24-hour Bengali feed.

"Going regional has always been our focus. The closer we are to their language, the easier it is for them to understand us and consume our content," Debarpita Banerjee, vice-president (marketing), FOX International Channels, told PTI here.

Besides English, the channel is available in Hindi and Tamil also.

"Our major viewership is in Hindi. Having launched Bengali and Tamil feeds, we are now consolidating our position. We want to add localised flavour and will spend more time on justifying these language feeds," she said.

In the last few months, all channels in the infotainment and lifestyle genre like National Geographic, Discovery, History, TV 18 and TLC have gone vernacular to expand their audience base.

The Fox channel official maintains that there has been no shift in their target audience as they take the regional route.

"We are just making the consumption more efficient with the same target audience," Banerjee said adding that their eyes are on young people who love travelling.

The channel was earlier known as Fox History & Entertainment; it was renamed Fox History & Traveller in May 2011, and later, in October 2011, it became Fox Traveller.

On why the channel opted for so many makeovers within a span of few months, she explained the idea was to evolve the identity of the channel step by step.

"We had only one makeover so far, but that was done in stages. We did this after seeing the potential that this travel segment has and how much interest do people have in travel," Banerjee said.