Gaga made showbiz debut with `Sopranos`

London: Lady Gaga had a brush with fame at the age of 15; a 30 second role as a rebellious teen in the hit TV series `The Sopranos`.

The 24-year-old hitmaker who often grabs headlines with her crazy and controversial styles, was once just a regular-looking teenager with brunette hair.

The `Pokerface` singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, appeared on a episode called `The Telltale Moozadell`, reported Daily Mail online.

She appears in a pool scene in which Tony Soprano`s son AJ and his friends are swimming at their high school pool after hours. Gaga plays one of three friends who watch while smoking a cigarette.

When the boys start vandalising the school gym, one of the girls joins in while Gaga and the other girl look on and laugh.

The `Just Dance` star recently took to the stage with John Lennon`s widow Yoko Ono.

And she completely upstaged the 77-year-old as she teetered around the stage in a pair of super-high platform boots and a bejewelled catsuit which exposed her bottom.