George Michael brands TV presenter "homophobic"

Updated: Jul 21, 2011, 08:23 AM IST

London: George Michael has branded British TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson as "homophobic" over comments he made about the singer`s sexual orientation on his show.

In an episode of the hit motoring show `Top Gear`, Clarkson joked about the 48-year-old singer, reported a website.

Commenting on the on-road performance of the new Jaguar Xkrs, he said, "It`s very fast and very, very loud. And then in the corners it will get its tail out more readily than George Michael."

A fan posted the clip on the gay pop star`s Twitter page, prompting the `Faith` hitmaker to slam Clarkson for making seemingly anti-gay remarks.

"Good grief Mr Clarkson, I wasn`t implying your towering heterosexuality was in question. I had no desire to insult you! But I do now, you pig-ugly homophobic," the fan

Michael had previously requested that `Top Gear` should be more gay-friendly and jokingly posted a clip of himself talking about a bright pink Bentley.