‘Ghost Adventures’ crew to probe `Idol` mansion

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2011, 11:40 AM IST

Washington: The ‘Ghost Adventures’ crew believes there may be demonic activity inside the haunted ‘American Idol’ mansion and they want to investigate the place as soon as possible.

Zak Bagans, the lead investigator of the ‘Ghost Adventures Crew’, insisted the alleged paranormal activity inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the ‘A.I.’ finalists were staying sounds legit and "possibly demonic."

It was earlier reported, the ‘Idol’ gang moved out of the place last week after several spooky incidents - including flickering lights, mysterious spider infestations, and a floating white sheet.

Bagans feels the best way to investigate the supernatural situation would be to bring the ‘Idol’ finalists back to the house so he can use them as "trigger objects."

"If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of them ... hence all the activity," TMZ quoted Bagans as saying.