'Gutur Gu', 'Malegaon Ka Chintu' back on TV

Two silent comedies “Gutur Gu” and “Malegaon ka Chintu” are back on public demand.

Mumbai: Two silent comedies “Gutur Gu” and “Malegaon ka Chintu” are back on public demand.

The fresh seasons of the two shows will roll out on SAB TV from Sep 27. 

"Gutur Gu" is coming with its third season for which the show makers have roped in the cast of season one courtesy actors Bhavna Balsavar, Kunal Kumar, Sheetal Maulik and K.K. Goswami. 

"Gutur Gu", to be beamed at 7 p.m., is the story of a simple man Balu (played by Kunal Kumar) who consistently ends up in some misadventure and how he deals with it. The new season will take his journey a step ahead with its slapstick comedy format. 

“Malegaon Ka Chintu” is being launched as “Chintu Aur Pintu” because of the introduction of male protagonist Chintu's (played by Al Amin Karim Anjum Tadvi) son Pintu (played by Krish). Pintu is a replica of his father. 

The show "Chintu...", to be aired at 7:30 p.m., narrates the life of Chintu who is attached to some of his stuff like coat, bicycle, his wife Pinky and son called Pintu in a very humorous manner. 

“Both 'Gutur Gu' and the 'Chintu...' series have been immensely popular amongst SAB TV audiences, therefore, we are glad to get them back on the channel. 'Gutur Gu' and 'Chintu Aur Pintu' shall make weekends more enjoyable for Indian families,” Anooj Kapoor, business head of the channel, said in a statement. 

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