Hendricks to turn chef on TV

Updated: Mar 03, 2011, 10:08 AM IST

Los Angeles: `Mad Men` star Christina Hendricks will make a guest appearance on the hit cookery competition `Top Chef Masters` in an episode dedicated to 60`s style food.

The voluptuous beauty and her husband, actor Geoffrey
Arend, have taped an episode of the cooking competition as
guest judges, reported Entertainment Weekly online.
The challenge which the couple will judge involves
dishes from the `60s, the era portrayed in the hit show `Mad
Men`, where Hendricks plays a sassy secretary.
The red-headed actress is a avid foodie and a good
cook and had earlier showed off her skills on The Rachel Ray
Hendricks said that she is not a part of Hollywod`s
calorie-counting brigade and whipped up a Tuscan Kale Caesar
salad, bacon soup and a whisky cocktail on the show.
She had proudly stated that her salad dressing was
loaded with cheese and eggs and her soup was so good because
it contains bacon meat.