Hindu organisation slams Agnivesh for participating in `Bigg Boss`

Updated: Nov 09, 2011, 19:39 PM IST

Rohtak: The Hindu organisation, Arya Samaj, on Wednesday criticized social activist Swami Agnivesh for making his debut in the television show `Bigg Boss`, and said that the latter has hurt the religious sentiments of the saffron clan through his act.

The chief of Arya Samaj in Haryana, Acharya Baldev, said that the image of the entire saffron clan has taken a beating due to Agnivesh`s act.

Acharya Baldev said that if Agnivesh wanted to become a part of the television programme then he should have shed the saffron attire.

"Not only Arya Samaj, but entire society will face its consequences because he (Swami Agnivesh) has coloured his clothes (in saffron colour). So, all those who have coloured their clothes are in trouble. He would have gone (in the television reality show) after removing his saffron colour clothes," said Acharya Baldev.

"He has hurt religious sentiments of everyone including ancient Hindu organisation and all Arya Samaj as he had harmed the image of the saints and sacred people," he added.

Acharya Baldev further said that the entire Arya Samaj would not allow Agnivesh to participate in the future events of the organisation.

"We have already boycotted him from the Arya Samaj and in the coming future also we will go on with this boycott. We will completely ban his entry on any functions of Arya Samaj, we won``t let him attend any such events. All the intellectuals from the country will share stage, but he would not be allowed," he added.

Swami Agnivesh had earlier on Tuesday said that he would use his stay in the reality show Bigg Boss 5 to create awareness about various maladies that exist in Indian society and to promote steps to remove them.

The 72-year-old social activist, who entered the Bigg Boss House on Tuesday night, further said that he would use the reality show as a medium to initiate a dialogue with middle class youth on various social issues.

The fifth season of the much-hyped reality show Bigg Boss kick-started on October 2 with the unveiling of the 14 contestants. This show is an Indian version of a UK show, Big Bother.