Hogan to bodyslam ‘Hulk’ cereal ad

Updated: May 28, 2010, 13:03 PM IST

Los Angeles: Hulk Hogan is suing over a commercial for Cocoa Pebbles cereal.

The Hulkster says Post Foods stole his likeness to depict him suffering humiliating defeat to Bam-Bam of "Flintstones" fame.

Terry Bollea (Hulk`s real name) filed the lawsuit in Tampa District Court alleging misappropriation of name and likeness and false endorsement.

In the commercial, a character known as ‘Hulk Boulder’ with long blond hair and a blond Fu Manchu mustache takes part in a ‘Cocoa Smashdown’ against various ‘Flintstones’ characters. He defeats Fred and Barney in the ring, begins to reward himself with a bowl of cereal pulled from his championship belt, but then is ambushed by Bam-Bam. According to the complaint, "Hulk Boulder is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth, with the closing banner `Little Pieces...BIG TASTE!`"

Hogan points out that he wrestled in the late 1970s as ‘Hulk Boulder’ during his transition from Brutus Beefcake`s tag team partner to WWF icon. The complaint lists all sorts of tidbits about his career, such as the fact that he was the most-requested celebrity of the 1980s for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and had the single biggest 900 phone number from 1991 to 1993.

Hogan`s attorney, Joseph Bain, is clearly trying to show his client`s celebrity endorsement is worth something, although he left out the part where Hogan extolled his Hulkamaniacs to eat their vitamins every day.

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