Hookers not banned from ‘X Factor’: Cowell

London: ‘X Factor’ guru Simon Cowell has revealed that hooker Chloe Mafia will not be axed from the show.

"We haven`t banned prostitutes," the Sun quoted him as saying.

Simon, 50, admitted he was stunned by the revelations that Burberry clothing addict Chloe was a 160 pound-an-hour tart.

However, he said the singer should not be axed as long as she did not continue with vice activities during the show.

"I think you’d want to show the story if we’re allowed - I want to see the story,” he said.

"We can’t just take people off the show because they might do something that upsets some people.

"If a person applies to be on The X Factor it’s obvious to me that they want to do something better with their life," he added.