I am not difficult: Katherine Heigl

Los Angeles: `27 Dresses` star Katherine Heigl has said that contrary to reports she is not a difficult actor to work with.

A leading daily came up with a story in 2013 where it quoted many sources to claim that Heigl had been difficult.

When asked to respond to the story recently, Heigl said, "I can only say that I certainly don`t see myself as being difficult, I would never intend to be difficult... If I have ever disappointed somebody, it was never intentional."

The story had also claimed that Heigl`s antics on the sets had cost producers money.

Heigl, who will be seen playing a CIA agent Charlie Tucker in the new drama `State of Affairs` being produced by her mother Nancy, said she took some time off to be with her husband Josh Kelley and two adopted daughters Nancy and Adalaide.

"I took a couple of years off to be with my family. I needed that time. I needed to be a mom, and be a wife and be a friend and really revel in that," Heigl said about her hiatus from films.

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