I angered parents with Disney snub: Jennifer Lawrence

London: Actress Jennifer Lawrence says she infuriated her parents when she missed out on a well-paid stint on TV after telling Disney executives she was not suitable for the role.

The 21-year-old began her acting career as a teenager after being spotted by a model scout when she was aged 14, and went on to land jobs on "The Bill Engvall Show, Monk and Medium", Daily Express reported.

"(In one audition I was) asked if I could sing, and I was like, `No. To be honest I don`t think I`m a Disney kind of kid.`

"When my parents picked me up they yelled at me so badly. They were spending a lot of money giving me the chance to do this - and I had the potential to be on a television show that would obviously pay for everything and I was like, `Nah`," she said.


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