I`m excited to play queen Kaikeyi on screen: Shikha Swaroop

Updated: Aug 12, 2012, 13:51 PM IST

New Delhi: Actress Shikha Swaroop, who is playing queen Kaikeyi on Zee TV`s epic retelling of `Ramayan`, says she is all excited to play the multi-shaded character.

Swaroop rose to fame with her titular character in costume drama `Chandrakanta` and said unlike her previous characters, she is happy to do the role because it will give her enough scope to perform as an actress.

"I am excited about my role of Kaikeyi. I think essaying a warrior queen with shades of grey calls for an air of regality, poise that comes only with power, strength of character and a stern body language.

"When my friend Meenakshi Sagar (producer) approached me for the role, I was completely amazed. She told me that I am perfect for the role because Kaikeyi was from Bali and I also have the same appearance," Shikha told PTI.

The 30-episode series that airs from today has been recreated by late Ramanand Sagar`s granddaughter Meenakshi and it will be telecast in a simple language for the youth to understand.

Shikha, who was crowned Miss India in 1988, said she has an inclination towards period dramas and that is the reason she has not signed on fiction or reality shows so far in her career.

"Subconsciously I do have an inclination towards costume dramas, because probably I love getting ready and wearing all the jewellery. I read a lot about spirituality and Indian culture. I enjoy the regality that a costume demands. I do it with ease but I must say wearing all this is very cumbersome," she added.
Asked if she is scared of being typecast, she said,"After `Chandrakanta`, playing Kaikeyi will typecast me more but I am not scared of it. I feel I have got better offers from costume dramas. I really enjoy it. I don`t mind it at all. I don`t have any hatred for saas-bahu sagas but I feel I don`t fit into those roles."

After spending more than two decades in the industry, the model-turned-actress feels the industry has become more systematic now but technically it is still the same.

"The industry is more systematic and organized now, the TV channels have a system. The flow of funds is even. But technically, I don`t see much change being a former model.

"I have done many advertisements and the world there has always been ahead of TV. I have modelled internationally and India as well. The ad filmmakers always had technology, which was much ahead," she added.